Monday, June 25, 2012

Guard her heart.

Chances are, if you have a teenage girl in your life that has Internet access..especially via smartphone..her self-confidence is being drained by the hour and their view of reality is being distorted by the minute. they post picture after picture of themselves and guage their self worth by who "likes" it or who called them lovely. They decide they are worthless if some stranger (that they allow access into their lives) leaves a simple comment , such as "ugly." What is this society we are totally unaware that is even developing deep in the privacy of a teenage bedroom, inside the screen of a parent-paid, all-access to all things lethally narcissistic? Too much privacy, not enough personal responsibility. Too much self-intoxicating social media, not enough deep-meaning familial relationships with mom/dad/etc.

Christ looks with adoring love on us all. He desires to mend the fragile hearts of each one of these beautiful young ladies. Will you stand up for the young women in your life and share with them the Love, Redeeming Love? Love that can only be found in The One and Only, who not only deserves her heart but beckons her to abandon all the feeble attempts at self-satisfaction to the point of receiving everlasting LOVE. Mercy, Grace. Hope, Truth. Fulfillment. Joy.
Dressed in Purity. Eternally valued - above all else.

We must teach our daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, friends, students - all the little ladies in our lives to GUARD their hearts.

Share with her His Love. It is there, and only there, she will find contentment and peace that her soul so desires.

It is there, her fragile heart will be safely guarded by The One who causes it to beat.

"guard your heart above all else, for from it life flows" proverbs 4:23

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Andrea said...

You have a precious heart and wisdom beyond your young years. I want to help young girls, young women find their value in Christ. Because the path without Him is as destructive as you so elegantly described. Sign me up, little Missy!