Tuesday, May 04, 2010

promise - shromise

i resent the fact that i haven't even logged on to my blog in over 2 months. i feel like all of the out of control-ness has come from me bottling up emotions and thoughts and forgoing the method that really makes me happy. i love to write. it is definitely a passion. some people use it to spread information about themselves to others. i use it to teach myself a litte bit about who i am.

i vehemently promise to not allow myself to forget that no matter what has occupied my time, i will not give up on writing. i further promise that i will allow this blog to take on the form that it wills to. the realization i have come to know is that i need to step out of the way and let my thoughts flow freely. i think this is why i stopped blogging/journalin/writing as of late....i am too critical on myself. i get to re-reading and that just leads to re-editing. i want to look back on what my original thoughts were...not my corrected overbearing thoughts were. being overly critical on one self only leads to failure anyway. not sure if that quote is penned. it should be!

i promise to write the first thought that comes to mind. and to recognize it as me. flawed and all.

so much for promises.

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